New, Blue and Version 2…

April 4th, 2013

We’re happy to unveil a sweet new version of the Reverse Geocache™ Arduino shield and shield kit today. The “New Blue” comes with a bevy of new features that should make Reverse Geocache™ building even more entertaining. The new shields support an optional piezo buzzer device, so you can program in audio feedback when a GPS fix is obtained or when the box is about to shut down.

These also support PWM contrast adjustments on the display. See the new “version 2” sample source code for details.

3 responses to “New, Blue and Version 2…”

  1. Peter Pearson says:

    Success! Soldering the electronics and configuring the software only took a few afternoons, and fortunately everything worked on the first try (I would have screamed if I had to re-do that pesky GPS connector). Now to find a box. Thanks for putting the kit together. I’ve never messed with hardware at this level before, but it’s actually kinda fun.

  2. Peter Pearson says:

    Also, the piezo speaker is a nifty addition. Is it possible to customize the default sounds? If so, how?

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