A Sundial Quest Box™ is a beautifully handcrafted wooden chest that will only open at one spot on the face of the earth.

Quest Boxes

The catch is that nothing directly tells you where that spot is!  The only way to reveal your concealed treasure is to decode a series of clues the box challenges you with. It’s a game of thinking, discovery, and romance. It’s technology and craft, art and emotion.

How to Open a Quest Box

When you power on your new Quest Box™, its signature blue display offers obscure hints like “Distance 13.1 miles” or “Distance 282 feet”.  You’ll quickly learn that its GPS module is telling you something important: how far away you currently are from some special destination. Will this be enough to guide you? It’d better be, because there is no other way to find it!

This box opens in France

The Joy of Creating Quests

Once you’ve completed your first quest, you’ll be anxious to create one of your own. Designing a great adventure can be very rewarding! But you should remember that these are not just simple scavenger hunts. A well-designed quest creates a fascinating interplay between the two people involved, the destination, and the treasure.  It’s not just a game or a device–it’s an experience.

To start your adventure, first learn how to set up a quest, then how to solve one.


People all over the world are creating memorable Quest Box adventures.  We have collected a number of the most moving stories here.  Begin with the sweet tale of the very first puzzle box, the original Reverse Geocache™.  Then read some of the great real-life quests that people have created.  Be sure to also check out our shop.