Proposals and Romance

No fewer than 12 couples have become engaged with rings hidden in Quest Boxes. Some call it the most romantic gift ever.

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How to Propose with a Quest Box

The typical proposal quest leads your unsuspecting girlfriend to a romantic place, like the site of your first date or a favorite bed-and-breakfast. The funny thing is that she’ll carry this fabulous ring with her for the whole adventure, but won’t discover that fact until the very end. Won’t that be a sweet surprise? What happens along the journey depends on how you design the quest, but you can count on lots of happy tears at the end.

Unpredictability Adds Excitement

Another thing that makes even well-planned quests exciting is that they don’t usually turn out exactly as expected. Here’s a real-life example of a proposal that almost went awry:

New York 2011: “A Tricky Proposal”

An aspiring groom designs an elaborate quest leading to the Central Park tree where he and his beloved first kissed.  But as they approach their final destination—she unknowingly carrying her own engagement ring, and he swooning with anticipation—a small problem arises: their special corner of the park has been cordoned off for the New York City Marathon!

The plan he has been preparing for weeks seems about to be scuttled when a kindhearted guard is persuaded to briefly look away, giving the couple a chance to sneak behind the barricades. The box is speedily opened and the ring joyously revealed. “Will you?” he asks. And breathlessly she answers, “Yes, I will!”. Back to the real world they stroll, hand in hand, to live happily ever after.

Your Proposal Quest

Would a quest like that work for you? Should the aspiring fiancé accompany his beloved on her proposal quest? (Some people aren’t comfortable with the asymmetry this creates—one lover hovering as the other tries to solve the puzzle.) What do you think? Please share your ideas and stories.

If you think you’d like to propose with a Quest Box, check out our shop. For more inspiration, read the cute story about the two different engagements that happened on the same day half a world apart, and find out which actually came first.