Community Stories

A collection of puzzle box tales from the Quest Box™ community.

The Great Labyrinth Adventure

An mischievous Illinois man sends his friend Elizabeth on a diabolical quest to famous Chicago-area hedge maze.

An Astronaut's Wedding

The country’s only second-generation astronaut treats his new wife to an international puzzle box quest spanning three continents — the longest quest in history!

All You Can Eat Cupcakes!

After solving a series of puzzles, the neighborhood kids face their greatest and final challenge: a locked Reverse Geocache. Their quest leads them to the best of all imaginable prizes: all-you-can-eat cupcakes!

Adding to this page

Would you like to contribute your puzzle box story to this list? Send your story to with the following information provided:

  1. The general description of the Master and Subject of the quest and their relationship.  Are you the Master?
  2. The contents of the box and their significance.
  3. The destination, and its significance, especially in lat/long or map format, if available.
  4. The .quest file of the quest, if available.
  5. A short history of what happened, how it was planned, etc.
  6. Photos, web links, anything that might be useful.
  7. Plans for future quests.