Thanks to all in this great community!

The Sundial Group’s success, and in particular, the wild success of the ambitious Quest Box™ project could not have happened without the support of hundreds of wonderful people in the Reverse Geocache™ community.

But there are a few we would like to single out for special mention.

  • Eric Schudiske and Reid Kuennen and the rest of the amazing Groundspeak organization – for the marvelous little film they created about Mikal and the invention of the Reverse Geocache™. Also for all the tremendous support that the group and geocachers everywhere have given.
  • Travis McAshan and Glide Design – for the very imaginative website they built for us, and for all the cheerful and energetic support and great ideas.
  • Tom Dickey – for hours and hours of sage business advice and years of friendship.
  • Anthony England – for his great friendship and for the many more hours of quality IP legal service than he ever billed for.
  • Jason Alderman – for designing and building our fabulous next-generation circuit boards. What an amazingly talented and generous guy!
  • Kimberley Cambron – our “storyteller”, for years of friendship, great conversation, and sage advice.
  • Mike Curato – for the great logo and artwork and for being an inspiring kind of guy.
  • Andy Myers – for being the first artist to build a puzzle box as a gift for us and inspire us to build our own really high quality ones.
  • Marcus March – for all the wonderful help with circuit board design ideas and other inspirational conversation.

And lastly, a big thank you to the thousands of people who have written us or posted supportive comments on our blogs. You give us energy and drive!