Intimate Adventure

A thoughtful Quest creates an emotionally intimate experience.

Intimate Adventure

Building Intimacy

Carefully constructed quests often spawn amazingly intimate experiences. We’ve seen romantic quests lead couples to the altar, and in one deeply personal one, a father brought to tears by a daughter’s artful design.

Imagine what it’s like to be surprised by an intimate quest of your own…

An Unexpected Arrival

One day a mysterious and beautifully carved box arrives on your doorstep. Some curious electronics are built into its lid, and it seems to be sealed shut. Will you try to open it? Can you? Maybe it’s anonymous. Or perhaps it's a present from a friend or lover. Will its meager clues help you guess what to do?

Nobody sent instructions, so it may be completely bewildering at first. But eventually everything clicks, and soon you find yourself approaching a certain carefully selected location—the place your box is destined to open. Is someone waiting there? The latch whirs. You take a deep breath and lift the lid. What secrets do you find inside?

This is where the intimacy is.

4 Secrets to Making Intimate Quests

  1. Remember that the experience is a gift for someone else. Be unselfish. It’s not about you.
  2. Know your recipient, and plan accordingly. Not everyone cares to hike through miles of forest and mountainside to find your hidden trinket.
  3. Any quest can be fun, but the real magic occurs when the design is artful. Study some of the great quests others have made, and see if you can expand on them.
  4. Remember the Fundamental RuleGreat quests incorporate a profound and unexpected interplay between Master, Subject, Destination, and Treasure.