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January 20th, 2014

Happy New Year to all our supporters. There’s lots in the news, and 2014 looks like an exciting year.

Mikal’s Creative Mornings talk, entitled “Quest Poetry“, has been posted on the CM site and on YouTube. If you’re still not certain what this puzzle box stuff is all about, this might be a good introduction. The message is at once entertaining and profound: Build things. Pay attention to small diversions and delights. Fiddle with stuff.  The “Quest” phenomenon is kind of like a canvas for people to create their own (performance) art.

5 responses to “Creative Endeavors”

  1. Evgeniy says:

    Whether there is at you a delivery to Russia?

  2. Lawrence Lemieux says:

    Hi Mikal,
    I’ve been trying to use your Tinygps++ library with my MTK3339 gps.
    I keep getting “no GPS detected”, even though I know it’s working.
    I suspect the issue is the baud rate.
    In your examples it states that it is using 4800 baud and I think the 3339 is set for 9600.
    I’ve tried just changing it the sketch but no matter what I try I still get the “no GPS detected”.
    Any suggestions?
    Lawrence Lemieux

    • Mikal Hart says:

      Lawrence, make sure that the “TX” line from the GPS module is connected to the “RX” line on the Arduino, and if using SoftwareSerial that the Arduino pin is capable of pin change interrupts. (Not all Mega pins are, for example.)

  3. Luis Vazquez says:

    I just bought a used Quest Box and it will not connect to my laptop, I suspect I need the device driver installed. But I can’t find them anywhere on the site. Please help!

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