A Master's job is simple: design and launch a fabulous quest.

 Quest Boxes™ ready for Configuration

But building memorable quests involves considerable effort, thought, and planning. So what is it that draws so many people to invest the time, energy, and money? We asked a number of our customers and colleagues, and here’s how they replied.

7 Reasons People Own Quest Boxes

  1. They give you the rare chance to provide someone with an intensely personal, movie-like experience.
  2. They make powerful and romantic relationship builders.  Thirteen couples and counting have already become engaged using Quest Boxes.
  3. They’re just plain fun!  Quests don’t have to be dramatic or involve long distances.  Just send the kids on a Saturday afternoon “adventure” to a local ice cream shop.
  4. Their heirloom-quality workmanship makes them great and functional conversation pieces.
  5. The Quest Box has a fascinating history.
  6. Quest Box Masters form a community of people sharing adventure stories.
  7. They’re an important bit of technology from the Maker Movement.

What Owners Do

Here’s what a Quest Box Master can do with the free Quest Designer software:

  1. Lock a treasure inside a Quest Box.
  2. Select the magic location where the box will open.
  3. Choose how close to the destination the Subject has to be to spring the latch.
  4. Select the maximum number of attempts the Subject is allowed.
  5. Customize a friendly, personalized greeting.
  6. Gain emergency access to the box to add or remove a treasure or to reset the attempt counter.

Buying a Quest Box

See our store for information on buying a Quest Box, or read the notes for puzzle box builders.