What I like particularly is the sensation we get when we first hear about the box.  It’s as if something has operated on the tumblers of consciousness.  Something seems to click.  We hear about the box and snap to.  We awaken.  We smile.  We are charmed. (Grant McCracken)

Simply amazing! Your reverse geocaching puzzle box is so creative and makes a wonderful delivery medium for gifts.

I recently read about your Reverse Geocache Puzzle – that is an incredible gift you’ve designed! It is so thoughtful, personal, and brilliant. I have someone I’d love to gift with something like this.”

The wooden puzzle box you gave a friend for a wedding gift is a wonderful project. I’m sure your friend and new spouse greatly appreciated what has to be one of the most personal and delightful of presents.

I know you have a lot of replies and feedback regarding your project, as well as you should. It is an amazing piece of work. As soon as I read this, I realized that this is how I wish to propose to my girlfriend when the time is right.

When I read about your reverse geocaching puzzle I was amazed. Not only by the articles on it and you by many websites that I follow, but by the amount of thought you put into the project.

…absolutely amazing. Your gift is an adventure. How exciting for your friends. That’s fantastic.

I’d marry someone who proposes to me that way!

This is the kind of thing that will be on Antiques Roadshow in a hundred years. It’s a true period piece, and even has a published back story.

That’s one of the most brilliant inventions in the history of humankind. It is an honest to God magic chest. I love living in the future.

Oh man, this puzzle box would be as much fun to build as to receive! This is going on my bucket list.

¡¡El mejor regalo de bodas de la historia!!

The greatest idea for a wedding gift ever.

Easily the most awesome thing I have seen in a while.

The perfect combination of mystery, software, romance, and mechatronics.

This is probably the coolest, most delightfully and diabolically clever bit of whimsy that I’ve come across in a long time. It’s like a snippet of ‘Myst’ in real life.

Excellent! I love puzzles, both composing and solving them. And designing, building, and giving such a clever puzzle for a wedding gift was pure genius.

I admire the ingenuity: human, personal, intellectual, and mechanical.

This is absolutely fantastic! What a beautiful and thoughtful present.

This is an amazing project… it’s incredibly thoughtful and awesome. That would be such an incredible gift.

A truly unique wedding gift: the GPS box that opens only at secret location (Los Angeles Times)

Pretty cool stuff, no? (Gizmodo)