Reverse Geocache™ Version 2 Shield Kit

Reverse Geocache™ Version 2 Shield Kit

Everything you need to build your own Reverse Geocache™ version 2.0 Arduino shield!


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This brand new kit builds the Reverse Geocache™ Version 2.0 Arduino Shield featuring our new BLUE PCB. It mates with the Arduino’s female header pins to form the box’s electronics assembly. For assembly information see the builders’ notes.

This beefy kit includes:

  • Our Version 2.0 Arduino Uno shield
  • Pololu low voltage switch
  • Pololu 5V boost regulator
  • JST connector for EM-406A GPS module
  • Straight and right-angle header pins for the display, servo, and pushbutton connectors
  • 2 resistors for current limiting and display contrast adjustment
  • 2 small capacitors for power smoothing
  • larger capacitor for display contrast circuit
  • onboard Piezo buzzer device for sound feedback.