Kits, Kits, Kits!

January 28th, 2013

We’re happy to report that we’ve started building a number of kits to accommodate those who think that building your own puzzle box is an integral part of the experience. Starting today, we’ll be selling two new items: (1) the Reverse Geocache™ Shield Kit, and (2) the Reverse Geocache™ Box Kit.

The idea is that if you have these two kits, you’ll have everything you need to build a Reverse Geocache puzzle box, except for the physical box itself, an Arduino microcontroller, and the GPS module.

The Shield Kit provides all the components needed to solder together a simple circuit board that snaps onto the Arduino, turning it into a Reverse Geocache controller. It comes with our popular shield PCB, which has been carefully designed to require minimal soldering. Except for the little GPS connector, all the components on the board are “through hole”, so you won’t need a lot of soldering experience to build it.

The Box Kit provides the mechanical and peripheral components of the box. Included in this beefy package are a micro servo motor, the lovely little blue 8×2 LCD, the AA battery holder, the silvery metal pushbutton switch with the blue ring power LED, and all the wiring harnesses needed to connect them to the Arduino.

Our goal is to increase awareness of this fascinating new “sport” and to collect more puzzle box adventure stories. We’re all about the story here.

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