All-you-can-eat Cupcakes!

This comes from an engineer in Chicago. You just love getting stories in the mail like this, because they’re proof that a great Quest Box treasure need not necessarily be an engagement ring.

David had been brave enough to try to build his own box, and we had helped him smooth out one or two of his stumbling blocks. After he finally got his box built and working, he choreographed a sweet little kid adventure and then sent us the following very kind thank-you note:

I wanted to share with you my first Reverse Geocache story. Two weekends ago, we had old friends visiting with their two children. I decided to create a game for their and my kids.

I split the kids into three age groups and created a puzzle for each to solve. If they solved their puzzle, they received a tool that would help them on our “treasure hunt”. Here were the puzzles:

1. Yellow plus blue = ? (Answer green awarded them a drawing compass tool)
2. A poem with a blank (Answer cupcakes awarded them a map)
3. A word problem about cupcakes (Answer awarded them instructions on how to trilaterate).

Puzzle #3

Once all of the puzzles were solved, I gave them the box and we set off on a walking adventure that ended at Sweet Mandy B’s, a local bakery famous for their cupcakes. The payload was $20 for all-you-can eat cupcakes!

Studying the Box

I already have a waiting list for people who want to try out the box.

Thanks for all of your help. Impossible without you.

Reward=all-you-can-eat cupcakes!