Mikal to talk at CreativeMornings/ATX

October 13th, 2013

The theme for the month of October at Creative Mornings is PLAY, and Mikal Hart, the inventor of the Quest Box, will be the speaker at this month’s Austin, Texas gathering–8:30 am Friday.*

Have you heard of Creative Mornings? It’s really a fascinating organization that offers a monthly “breakfast lecture series for creative people”. In the five short years since its inception, CM has spread to “ 58 creative cities” on six continents. People in the local area give talks relating to a theme that is set by the international parent organization based in New York.

As I say, this month’s worldwide theme is PLAY, and as a consummate “fiddler” (someone who plays with stuff when he should be working on other stuff), I feel well qualified to elaborate on this great topic. In fact, the theme of my talk will be an admonition to “zealously pursue small delights and diversions”. If you think you might be able to come Friday morning, put your T-shirt size in the comments section.

*Note: we may have a venue and/or time change. For up-to-date details check here.

Creative Mornings

Creative Mornings

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