Of Mice and Puzzle Boxes

February 19th, 2013

Our friends over in Morris, CT write about a sweet and unique fundraiser they are putting on.  In support of the local public library, a great group of civic-minded volunteers have created their own Quest Box to be auctioned off at the annual Art Around the Box fundraiser.  The contents and the destination are secret for now, but all will be revealed on March 10th when the winning bidder completes his/her Quest!

The box was constructed by hand by Denis Williamson using our Arduino shield and builder’s guide.

The advertising blurb for the event says:

Mystery Treasure Quest Box
In your hands is a grayish-blue box, about 7 by 7 inches square,
adorned with whimsical images of globe-trotting mice.  
They’ve been to Africa, Spain, Greece, Brazil and other exotic places.  
On the front are a button, a small screen and an inscription:
To open this box and see within… Press the button to begin.”


The promotional art for this most unusual fundraiser and the wonderful illustrations on the box itself were done by the, er, illustrious and talented Elizabeth Wolff.  Here’s a promotional picture for the event:
Of Mice and Puzzle Boxes

The box is a unique and delightful treat. Elizabeth really does a superb job.

Mice on a Box #1

Box Front


Mice on a Box #2

Box Back


Mice on a Box Top

Box Top


We’ll keep an eye on Morris and report back in March.

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