Proposal Strategies

January 11th, 2013

We’ve seen that hiding an engagement ring in a Quest Box is pretty cool, but making sure your proposal turns out well requires some thought.  There are a number of possible Quest scenarios to consider, and not all of them suit every personality.  To pull it off you’re really going to have to get into the head of your partner.

First of all, we have to admit that some people will just never understand why solving a Quest Box is pleasurable.  You ask them what they’d do with a puzzle box and they say they’d “take a hammer to it!”.

If your partner is one of these, you’re probably better off pursuing a more conventional approach.  But if he/she has a bit of that adventurous spark, there are a number of different Quest scenarios that will get you down on one knee.  Let’s look at them.

[+] Scenario 1

You present your partner a locked box and accompany him/her on the Quest.

Pro: This is the most straightforward scenario, and easiest to set up.  You’re sure to end up at the destination together.
Con: There’s an asymmetry here that some people find uncomfortable.  Partner #1 has created a puzzle and is hovering about while partner #2 is trying to understand and solve it.  This may put too much pressure on partner #2.

[+] Scenario 2

You give your partner a locked box, but he/she sets out on the Quest alone.

Pro: This removes some of the pressure from scenario #1, because you’re not “hovering”.
Con: You have to invent some plausible reason why your partner must solve your puzzle on his/her own.  Timing becomes an issue, because you need to make sure that you are at the destination at the moment your partner discovers the ring.  That question won’t ask itself!

[+] Scenario 3

You arrange for a “friend” or “anonymous” sender to give you a box and you pretend to “solve” it together.

Pro: No pressure.
Con: It requires some acting on your part to pretend like you know nothing about the box in advance.

[+] Scenario 4

A “friend” sends a box to your partner, who solves it alone.

Pro: No pressure.
Con: You have to arrange to be out of the way when the box arrives; otherwise, wouldn’t your partner invite you to help solve it?  And as in #2, you have to make sure you are waiting at the destination at the right time.  Tricky!

Of course, in whatever scenario you choose, the box will ultimately reveal a ring, and presumably you’ll be there to pop the question.

What do you think?  Which scenario would work best for you?

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