Whimsical Quests

December 12th, 2012

Many of the stories and articles on this site are full of high drama and romance, but it’s useful to remember that you can also make a Quest Box adventure that’s just fun or even whimsical.

I like to pull out the classic quest example where a bunch of kids journey to an ice cream parlor.  Nothing dramatic–just pure fun and an unexpected treat at the end!

Another good example of puzzle box whimsy is the story a reader from Illinois sent me.  We call it “The Great Labyrinth Adventure”, though that title is as misleading as the quest itself was.  It seems the mischievous young correspondent sent his friend on a quest to a famous Chicago-area hedge maze.  Not into the maze, mind you, but adjacent to it.  Can you guess what happened?  Read all about it here.

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