Happy Holidays

December 5th, 2012

From everyone at The Sundial Group, and on behalf of the community of Reverse Geocache enthusiasts, Happy December, Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas!

I’m writing from a cafe in the US Pacific Northwest that serves a pretty mean black bean soup, and I’m feeling pretty cozy and well fed. It’s cold and rainy tonight, with snow likely in the higher elevations, but I think this really adds to the wintery ambiance and I love it. I mean, just like it’s better to sleep in a chilly room under a pile of cozy, warm blankets, it’s amazingly serene to sit by a fireplace in a warm cafe, eating your black bean soup and writing to your friends.

Just when I think, wow, how much happier could a person get, my friend Reid sends me an email and I do get a little bit happier. Reid works at Groundspeak, and she writes to share the news that the 2012 geocaching.com annual holiday video greeting features a Reverse Geocache! Signal, the mascot of the gigantic geocaching community, travels the world with his beautiful new box. Enjoy.



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